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Official Statement From Councilmember Hannah LeGris - June 28, 2022 Council Work Session

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

JUNE 28, 2022

“This past weekend the Supreme Court issued a decision eliminating the federal right to have an abortion. This ruling will have consequences throughout the nation, from the largest cities to the smallest towns, including in our own community. This court decision diminishes the autonomy of individuals and the judgment of health practitioners in favor of an arbitrary and uncertain legal standard. It will not end abortion, but it will end safe, legal abortion in almost half of the country.

As so many intimately know, the right to make decisions about one’s own body is ultimately a human right – and there are consequences from eliminating such protections. When people lose the ability to make the most personal of decisions, then it will be up to families and communities and local municipalities to manage those consequences.

As a public servant, I believe we must continue to build a society in which people have access to personal autonomy, necessary medical care, food and shelter, quality education, and economic possibility.

I am speaking out now because, like so many members of our community, I feel a great responsibility to do so.

Which is why I am urging our local government to locate all possible ways for the LFUCG to support the people who will be affected by this ruling. This is an urgent issue, and I trust that in raising this with all of you that we will build a place of dialogue and decision to address the needs of our community in the days ahead. Thank you.”

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