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Hannah's Platform

As your councilmember, I will continue to be responsive, fair, and honest. It is my responsibility to speak out for those who do not have a seat at the table and to advocate for legislation that makes Lexington a better place for all residents. My own story has centered around community building and social justice, and I work hard to advocate for those values in City Hall.

List Of Issues

Greenspace & Environmentalism

Responsible stewardship of our natural resources is critical to living happier, healthier lives. I have invested in green spaces of all sizes because they are important for neighborhood cohesion and the character of our community. I secured $1.5 million to expand and maintain our urban tree canopy, funded a sustainability coordinator position within LFUCG, and located $4.6 million to completely redesign and renovate Phoenix Park. I have used my leadership position on council to encourage sustainable practices in Lexington, putting forward a new at-home composting program that helps people within our community implement sustainable practices. I maintain my strong commitment to the environment and the health of our community, and will continue to champion policies and programming that protect the beauty and enhance the sustainability of our city.

Supporting Local Business

Local businesses are crucial to our city's economy, and they need all the help we can give, which is why I have supported legislation that provides them with opportunity and economic support. As your councilmember, I have advocated for small business, working to direct federal aid, provide relief, and offer support through times of both challenge and growth. Investing locally is the key to retaining and attracting talent, building our tax base, and developing a resilient economy. In the term ahead, I plan to work closely with businesses throughout the District, making sure that they have to tools, support, and community they need to thrive. As I have throughout my time on Council, I will continue to actively support legislation, policy, and programs that generate more opportunity for our local businesses and the community at large.

Government Accountability

Government is strongest when it is transparent and accountable to the people it serves. I believe elected officials have an obligation not only to listen to constituents but also to inform them about the issues and processes of governance so they can actively engage. As the chair of the Public Input Subcommittee, I have reformed the way residents give public comment, helped create a public information officer for Council, and assisted in the redesign of our online public engagement tools.  In my outreach and communication, I work hard to empower a wide variety of residents, including renters, homeowners, students, and business owners, to be meaningful contributors to the city. Together, we can shape a stronger civic process, build trust, and continue to deliver real solutions for our community.

Downtown Investment

Investing in downtown means supporting the economic vitality and history of our city. Lexington’s central hub has blossomed in recent years. However, there is more work to be done to ensure that our city center is inclusive and appealing to everyone. As a member of the Downtown Lexington Management District Board, I am engaged with downtown business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the process of enhancing and promoting our downtown. As your councilmember, I secured full funding for Phoenix Park, supported Town Branch Commons, and voted for small business stimulus funding. This year, after securing much-needed lighting and aesthetic updates to Tandy Park, I won the Downtown Lexington Partnership's Rose Lucas Perfect Partner award, granted for contributing greatly to the mission of downtown. Moving forward, I will continue to advocate for projects that enhance the vitality of our downtown and help create a more livable city.

Affordable Housing 

Safe, affordable housing is a human right. Barriers to housing access can affect everyone, regardless of age, background, or orientation. As your councilmember, I am a member of the Affordable Housing Governance Board and supported additional financial backing for our Affordable Housing Fund and Trust, allocating more funding in the past two years than ever before. I also serve on the Lexington Community Land Trust Board, where our focus is on community-centered affordable housing access and home ownership. These efforts are critical to providing all our citizens the opportunity to build long-term financial stability. I will continue to advocate for equitable investment in developing neighborhoods and encourage responsible growth through infill, block-by-block development, and diversified housing stock.

Performing, Visual & Literary Arts

I understand the power of art to bring people together, increase vibrancy, and encourage entrepreneurship. As a member of the Picnic with the Pops Commission, I know that the arts are an important part of community building and deserve our investment. I have consistently supported funding to community arts nonprofits, grassroots arts initiatives, and youth-centered programming, providing more people with a platform to develop and share their talents. We have a thriving arts community, but I believe that we still have work to do to grow Lexington’s reputation as a creative city. Through smart investments, we can realize that vision and build even more inclusive, meaningful spaces for creative expression.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Infrastructure

Biking and walking are my preferred modes of transportation. However, for most of our residents, myself included, a car is a necessity to navigate our city. As a leader on our Complete Streets policy reform, I will continue to develop infrastructure that prioritizes accessibility and allows for more choice in how we get around. Responsible development requires infrastructure that takes everyone’s needs into account. By creating more bike lanes, maintaining our sidewalks, and investing intelligently in public transportation, we can help residents build personal connections, support local businesses, reduce individual costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and maintain a healthy city.

Human Rights & LGBTQ+ Initiatives

As your representative, I am committed to making Lexington safer and more accommodating for everyone, regardless of their identity. During my first term on council, we successfully banned conversion therapy for LGBTQ+ youth, which was a major step forward for our community. Over the years, Lexington has made great strides with human rights, but we must work to increase services and protections that provide equality and dignity for everyone in our city. As your representative, I will continue to fight for human rights initiatives and policies that will help create a more just and equitable community.

2022 Candidate Surveys

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