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Meet Hannah LeGris


Hannah LeGris, the councilmember for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s 3rd District, was sworn into office in January 2021. Lexington’s 3rd District serves a diverse constituency in the heart of the city, covering downtown high-rises and businesses, the University of Kentucky, the UK-LFUCG Arboretum, many historic homes, new infill developments, and local Chevy Chase businesses. 


Hannah is a forward-thinking leader who has centered her work on serving others. Throughout her career, she has worked in the nonprofit, private, and education sectors. Hannah knows the value of listening, creating inclusive dialogue, and building relationships. Working with a variety of stakeholders in diverse industries has taught her how to get things done. 


As a councilmember, Hannah is a member of three standing committees: General Government and Planning; Budget Finance and Economic Development; and Environmental Quality and Public Works. In addition to her role on standing committees within council, Hannah also serves on a number of 3rd District and LFUCG boards and commissions.


  • She is an active member of the Affordable Housing Governance Board and the Lexington Community Land Trust Board, a nonprofit affordable housing organization in the 3rd District with a focus on permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for low-income buyers. The Lexington Community Land Trust empowers residents with community control of the land, ensuring that residents’ needs and goals are kept at the forefront.


  • She serves on the Downtown Lexington Management District Board, an organization composed of downtown businesses and stakeholders that advances and finances economic improvements benefiting property within the district. The DLMD provides services that enhance the heart of our city, including beautification, marketing and promotion of the downtown area, and grant funding for projects within the district. This year, Hannah secured 4.6 million dollars in funding for a complete renovation and redesign of Phoenix Park, a central public space in the heart of our downtown


  • In conjunction with her ongoing environmental work, Hannah is a part of the Tree Board, which champions trees and their environmental, economic, and social benefits for our community. Hannah secured funds for a new tree canopy study for Fayette County as well as $1.5 million dollars focused on this expansion and support of our tree canopy, which will allow us to set new goals around tree needs, planting opportunities, and coverage across all of Lexington. She also serves as the co-chair of the Arboretum Advisory Board, focused on advising, sustaining, and supporting the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky, located in the 3rd District. 


  • Finally, as part of Lexington’s larger commitment to connect globally and thrive locally, Hannah is a part of the Sister Cities Program Commission, a nonprofit organization that manages and maintains programs and partnerships with Lexington's four international Sister Cities. 


Personally and professionally, Hannah cares deeply about education, open communication, and getting people connected. Prior to her role on council, she worked at the University of Kentucky helping undergraduate students explore career options and learn to engage meaningfully with their communities. She continues to work as an independent career and leadership consultant, collaborating with people at all stages of life.


Hannah is strongly invested in the arts and remains committed to the local creative community as well as her personal writing practice. She is a co-founder of the Lexington Film League, serves as a board member of the International Book Project, and is a member of the Picnic with the Pops Commission. As a strong believer in civic engagement, she leads the Public Input Subcommittee and is a former board member with CivicLex, a nonprofit organization focused on building a more participatory local democracy. She holds a B.A. in English from the College of Wooster and an M.A. in English from the University of Kentucky.


In her personal life, Hannah is an avid pedestrian and bicycle commuter because she enjoys experiencing the city at a more human pace. She lives in the Mentelle Park neighborhood, where she enjoys talking with her neighbors, running, and walking dogs with her partner Andrew. 

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