My story has centered around community building and social justice and I will advocate for those values in City Hall. I know that livability and responsible growth are critical to the sustainability of our city. And I want to create public spaces, economic opportunities, and neighborhoods where people can work, play, and thrive. As your Third District council member I will be fair and honest, speaking out for those who do not have a seat at the table. I will protect what makes Lexington special while working toward a viable, vibrant future. 

Government Accountability 

Government is strongest when it is transparent and accountable. As a counselor and teacher I believe elected officials have an obligation not only to listen to constituents, but to inform them about the issues and process of governance. By empowering a wide variety of residents including renters, homeowners, students, and business owners as meaningful contributors to the city, we can build a stronger civic process with the trust necessary to deliver real solutions for our community.

Greenspace & Environmentalism

Responsible stewardship of our natural resources is critical to living happier, healthier lives. Parks and green spaces of all sizes are important for neighborhood cohesion and the character of our community. I believe that maintaining the Urban Service Boundary is the best way to protect the surrounding landscape and preserve Lexington's unique beauty. I will use my position on council to advocate for sustainable practices in our city, including improved recycling capacity and carbon neutrality. 

Community Connections & Resiliency 

Like it or not, we are all connected to our neighbors. During times of disaster and hardship, however, we rely on local communities more than ever. Right now we need leaders who are committed to delivering real solutions for the city. I will work to cut through barriers of class, age, race, sexual orientation and status to help connect people and find common ground so we can address the challenges that face us as a society, today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Infrastructure 

Biking and walking are my preferred transportation, but out of necessity I also own a car. I want to develop infrastructure that benefits everyone because accessibility is necessary for the health, mobility, and responsible development of our community. By creating more bike lanes, maintaining our sidewalks, and investing intelligently in public transportation, we can help residents build personal connections, support local businesses, reduce individual costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and maintain a healthy city.

Affordable Housing 

Safe, affordable housing is a human right because it can affect everyone, regardless of age, background, or orientation. In order to address the inequities of the past, we must create and fund opportunities for affordable housing and home ownership, both of which are critical for developing household wealth and financial stability. If elected I will advocate for equitable investment in developing neighborhoods, fully funding the affordable housing trust, and encouraging responsible growth through infill, block-by-block development, and diversified housing stock.

Supporting Local Business

Local businesses are crucial to our city's economy and they need all the help we can give. Due to disruptions from COVID-19, many local companies and their employees are struggling now more than ever. As your council member I will advocate for small business however I can, working to direct federal aid, provide relief, and offer whatever support we can give. Investing locally is the key to retaining and attracting talent, building our tax base, and developing a resilient economy.

Human Rights & LGBTQ+

Over the years Lexington has made great strides with human rights, but we must work to increase services and protections that benefit everyone within our city. We have the opportunity to secure trans healthcare benefits for municipal employees, create more diverse and inclusive public spaces like Tandy Centennial Park, and protect our youth from bullying and conversion therapy. As your city council member, I am committed to making Lexington safer and more accommodating for everyone, regardless of their identity.

Performing, Visual & Literary Arts

I am a practicing writer and I understand the power of art to bring people together, increase vibrancy, and improve entrepreneurship. Support for the arts helps connect the community and should be supported like any other investment. We need to develop and expand Lexington’s reputation as a creative city; if elected, I will advocate for partnerships, opportunities, and zoning to promote the arts. Through smart investments, we can realize that vision and create inclusive, meaningful spaces for creative expression.

Downtown Investment 

Investing in downtown means supporting the economic vitality and history of our city. Lexington’s central hub has blossomed in recent years. However there is much work to be done to ensure that our city center is inclusive and engaging for everyone. By supporting initiatives like the Tandy Centennial Park, Town Branch Commons, and others I want to create access to green space, connect business and pleasure, and increase downtown Lexington's accessibility locally, nationally, and internationally.

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