Hannah LeGris is a writer, counselor, and educator working in service learning and civic engagement. She holds a B.A. in English from the College of Wooster and an M.A. in English from The University of Kentucky. She moved to Lexington as an AmeriCorps VISTA serving at the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning. Currently, she works at the University of Kentucky where she helps undergraduate students explore career options and learn to engage meaningfully with their communities.

Throughout her career, Hannah has worked in the non-profit, private, and educational sectors. She knows the value of listening, creating inclusive dialogue, and building relationships. Working with a variety of different stakeholders, she has learned how to get things done. Hannah also believes that in order to build and maintain trust, the governmental process must be transparent and accountable. She wants to share her values-driven experience to deliver real solutions for the residents of Lexington. As a strong believer in civic engagement, she currently serves on the board of CivicLex, a non-profit organization focused on building a more participatory local democracy.

In her personal life, Hannah is strongly invested in the arts and remains committed to the local creative community as well as her personal writing practice. She is a co-founder of the Lexington Film League, a board member of the International Book Project, and formerly taught writing to incarcerated women through the SwallowTale Project. Hannah is also an avid pedestrian and bicycle commuter, because she enjoys experiencing the city at a human pace and minimizing her environmental impact. She lives in the Mentelle Park neighborhood, where she enjoys talking with her neighbors and walking dogs with her partner Andrew.